Welcome to the Beasley Wildlife Lab. Research in our lab is focused on addressing both theoretical and applied questions in wildlife ecology and management. In particular, much of our research is interdisciplinary in nature and uses a combination of field and laboratory approaches to develop science-based solutions to facilitate the management and conservation of wildlife populations. Although much of our research is focused on carnivores, we work on a diversity of other taxa including birds, wild pigs, small mammals, and invertebrates, within the general framework of the following major themes:

  1. Effects of anthropogenic perturbations to ecosystems (e.g., habitat fragmentation, urbanization, environmental contamination) on the movement behavior, population dynamics, and health of wildlife
  2. Carnivore ecology and management
  3. Wild pig ecology and management
  4. Scavenging ecology
  5. Ecology and management of infectious diseases
  6. Human-wildlife conflict resolution

Please see the individual project pages (under the research tab above) for additional details about these and some of our other current projects. If you are interested in joining my lab as a graduate student I encourage you to view the application materials and admission requirements on the Warnell School of Forestry and Natural Resources webpage and contact me by email at beasley@srel.uga.edu.

Wild pig research crew

Remote camera monitoring of vertebrate scavengers

Sarah with an anesthetized wild pig

Aging an anesthetized bobcat

Wildlife studies in the Chernobyl exclusion zone

Chernobyl wolf

Amanda attaching satellite transmitter to a vulture

Anesthetizing a wild pig

contaminant studies in vultures

Working up an anesthetized coyote

Bobcat visiting a scent station

Coyote scavenging studies

Coyote trapping